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Every wedding is different, and all of my clients have different goals/objectives when booking me, however in my experience there tends to be four parts of a wedding day that benefit most from having a magician perform...

  • The Photographs

Often seen as a bit of a flat spot by your guests; two families that may not have socialised together before, waiting around for the photo's to be taken. This is the ideal opportunity for me to mingle with your guests, involving both families at the same time, leaving them with a lasting memory of amazing magic, the time simply flies by!

  • The Wedding Breakfast

Performing magic at the drinks reception and then at each and every table, between courses. To hear the laughter and gasps of amazement really builds an air of expectation, and puts smiles on everyone's faces!

  • Between the Wedding Breakfast and Evening Party

Surprise your guests with a Parlour Show, guests are seated around a table or a small stage ensuring a great view for all, both families are entertained with my unique blend of magic and comedy. Guests are invited to take part in the magic, providing some great photo opportunities and leaving your guests with another unique memory of your special day.

  • The Evening Party

Mixing with guests as they arrive, performing mind-blowing magic, really helps get your party off to an amazing start!