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If it's a dinner party, a birthday party, a surprise party, a cocktail party, a fund-raising party, a house-warming party, a fancy dress party, a graduation party, a Christmas party, a Boxing Day party, a New Years Eve party, a pre-party or even an after-party... If it's a wedding anniversary, a christening, a Bar Mitzvah... 

In fact ANY gathering of people can benefit from having me perform my unique style of magic, be it close-up magic or parlour magic, or perhaps a mixture of both...

My only recommendation would be... don't tell anyone that you have booked me, especially if it's a dinner party (which are becoming very popular), the element of surprise is a powerful one!

Contact me and I can share with you some ideas that have worked well for my clients, I can answer any question you may have and then you can decide if a meeting would be worthwhile, before committing to any booking.