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I have over over 20 years experience entertaining clients ranging from couples on their wedding day to private parties, trade shows and corporate events.

I strive to constantly introduce new magic effects, pushing the boundaries of what is possible and ensuring repeat bookings always feel fresh.

I tailor my performance to your events exact requirements ensuring that costs are kept realistic.

I blend my unique style of comedy with mind-blowing magic and mind reading to make any event more memorable.

I am happy to travel anywhere in the UK to meet with you BEFORE you decide if I am the right magician for your event. I do not charge for the meeting. A meeting is the ideal opportunity for me to understand the goals/objectives of the event, you can experience some of my magic, get a feel for my personality and how it all comes together in a performance. Most importantly a meeting will enable you to make a more informed decision if I am the right magician for your event.

I believe I am the only magician in the UK that offers a money-back guarantee on my performance. If we meet, and you subsequently decide to book me, if my performance does not meet your expectations; I will refund you the entire fee. I am proud to say that in over 20 years of performing I have never had an unhappy client.